"wkvw Inside" mit neuen Umweltprojekten von dontwastemy.energy

Zum 3. Mal werden einige der neu auf dontwastemy.energy publizierten kollaborativen Umweltprojekte in der 5. Ausgabe der Schülerzeitung "wkvw Inside" des wkvw präsentiert.

Auswahl von 8 Kollaborationsprojekten 2023 (PDF, wkvw Inside Schülerzeitung, S. 18/19)
wkvw Inside Schülerzeitung (PDF, vollständige Ausgabe Nr. 5, 06/2023)

Hinweis: Die wkvw wird in die Berufsschule Uster integriert, es ist somit die letzte Ausgabe der wkvw-Schülerzeitung.
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Citizen Science Center Zürich Newsletter: discovering urban trees with your smartphone

Icon Platanenweg zuericooldown.ch

The little plane tree trail 2023: discovering urban trees with your smartphone

EN - Citizen Science Center Zürich Newsletter - June 2023
DE - Neuigkeiten vom Citizen Science Center (mailchi.mp)

In the industrial district, Zurich's heat hotspot, three selected habitats of plane trees were analyzed and their climate impact was calculated. The web app «Züri begrünt» accompanies the visit to the three locations, contains an audio guide in Swiss German More...

Presentations at Geneva Forum, United Nations: On the way to implementing the SDGs

It was a great pleasure and a source of pride to present our participatory projects and web tools to an international audience.

I would like to thank the OSI Geneva Forum (osi-genevaforum.org) for their invitation and everyone involved for their interest. We are all on the way to implementing the SDGs, step by step, with a lot of commitment.

The 6th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace and Development, took place from 13 to 15 December 2022, Organized by OSI, Objectif Sciences International.