"The horse" concept presented

We had the honor to present the concept of "The horse" at two conferences. Eliane Suter delivered speeches.

The first event was the "bili-Erfa-Tagung 2018: digital und analog", a cantonal meeting at the Zurich University of teacher education (PHZH) and the 2nd took place at the national wide event "Forum de la maturité professionnelle 2018" in Martigny (VS) organized by IFFP (Institute fédéral des hautes études en formation professionnelle).

In the context of the events we created the mini website teachingweb.org containing the main info material of the concept "The horse".

Visit teachingweb.org

Connect Zurich and Izmir - an experimental students' project

do'r waste my energy - save-energy.tipsThe ZürIzmir partner class project was an ambitious one in the sense of having differences in culture, language, education and infrastructure but also in respect of a relatively short time frame.

The students had the opportunity to do team research on self chosen environmental topics and experience that communication between team members (or from Zurich or from Izmir) can be a challenge. However, after having succeeded this experimental project and looking back, some lessons can be drawn for a next partner class project.

"Initiating a pilot project is similar to climbing a mountain, when you're in the middle of an unknown steep face the focus lays on your next step..."


Have a look at the ZürIzmir students' website project on save-energy.tips »
The students' website project, teaching subject "Technik & Umwelt" (technics and environment),
business school Wetzikon (wkvw.ch), Canton Zurich, Switzerland

More safety less risks for the Risk and Safety Association

Verein RisikosicherheitLaunch of the brand new website for the VR&S - Verein Risiko & Sicherheit.

Concept, design and realization of a clear structured and member optimized responsive website containing a closed user section and a personal account for each member. The main focus has been placed on the past and future events arranged by the organisation board of the Risk & Safety Association.

Website: risikosicherheit.ch

Since 1997 - VR&S has been founded by graduates and lecturers of the postgraduate course "Risk and safety of complex systems" at ETH Zurich, University of St. Gallen and EPFL Lausanne.


An uncommon website for ...

... an uncommon new Feldenkrais practice
in Uster and Zurich, Switzerland: Website, videos, business card and flyer – concept "creating opportunities", design & realization

Website: feldenkrais-borghetti.ch

Equipped with a GoPro and a Canon Legria we caught some spring's afternoon moments and produced four short video sequences that can be exchanged easily.
Moods and flowing movements - here is a little taste!


2018 - last but not least - best wishes from su-pa

Grüezi! Howdy!

How to: Go to www.swirls.fun, move the things around with your mouse or fingers and check it out!

How to: Gehe auf www.swirls.fun, schiebe die Icons herum mit der Maus oder den Fingern und entdecke was passiert!

Das neue Jahr haben wir mit einem kleinen Experiment begonnen - nass, luftig, feurig, bodenständig - Elemente lassen sich elegant verschieben, ganz so wie man sich's im Alltag wünscht.
We have started the new year with a little experiment - wet, breezy, fiery, down-to-earth - elements can be elegantly moved quite as how one might wish in everyday life.
Probier's mal hier, check it out:
www.swirls.fun !
Best wishes, Viele Grüsse
Eliane Suter, Dominik Fehr