Förderantrag Movetia - Funding application Movetia

Under the title "Sustainability Education at Swiss Vocational Schools through International Digital Collaboration" a funding application has been submitted to Movetia's International Programme (movetia.ch) by THE ! association, a non profit organisation we are supporting since 2019.

The project aims to promote and establish COIL*) for Swiss vocational schools, together with institutional partners from India, Indonesia and under scientific supervision, provided that the application is approved.
*) Collaborative Online International Learning

Deutsch: Unter dem Titel "Nachhaltigkeitsbildung an Schweizer Berufsschulen durch internationale digitale Zusammenarbeit" hat der Verein THE ! association ein Finanzierungsgesuch bei Movetia - Internationales Programm (movetia.ch) eingereicht. Der Verein ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, welche wir seit 2019 unterstützen.

Das Projekt zielt darauf ab, COIL*) für Schweizer Berufsschulen zu fördern und zu etablieren, zusammen mit institutionellen Partnern aus Indien, Indonesien und unter wissenschaftlicher Begleitung, sofern der Antrag genehmigt wird.

Wissenschaftliche Begleitung - Scientific accompaniment

Partner institutions, COIL


Presentations at Geneva Forum, United Nations: On the way to implementing the SDGs

It was a great pleasure and a source of pride to present our participatory projects and web tools to an international audience.

I would like to thank the OSI Geneva Forum (osi-genevaforum.org) for their invitation and everyone involved for their interest. We are all on the way to implementing the SDGs, step by step, with a lot of commitment.

The 6th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace and Development, took place from 13 to 15 December 2022, Organized by OSI, Objectif Sciences International.

Baum im Stadtraum - Der kleine Platanenweg

Icon Platanenweg zuericooldown.ch

Die kleinste Baumführung der Welt!
Im Industriequartier, dem Hitze-Hotspot von Zürich, haben wir drei Lebensorte von ausgewählten Platanen beleuchtet und die Klimawirkung der Stadtbäume berechnet.

Bis am 7.11.2022 standen Plakate mit Bauminfos, Quizfrage und QR-Code vor Ort.
Bis auf Weiteres kann mittels Web-App und Audio-Guide der kleine Platanenweg weiterhin entdeckt werden! Viel Vergnügen!

Projektwebsite: zuericooldown.ch
Web-App, Prototyp für Smartphones: zueri.begruent.ch

THE ! Collaboration projects 2022 published

Wonderful, finally the "magic compositions" of the collaboration projects were sent around the world. They have grown from experiences, knowledge, discussions, ups and downs, friendships and - out of what cannot be grasped in words...

THE - The Horse collaboration map

Visit the new interactive world map from "The Horse" Education and find the students' project outcomes and experiences published on dontwastemy.energy!

We at su-pa believe that the ability to realise projects together and at eye level is fundamental for a sustainable and positively acting society. That is why we make our knowledge and experience available and actively support THE ! association.

Become a member (the-horse.education), too!

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Update 10-Dec-2021: First release is out. 
More on the project website

In the commitment of the «THE ! association» (the-horse.education) and its websites we have realized a new feature for websites. It is intended to be an additional knowledge tool for students and all readers to become better informed.  

Every Wikipedia link automatically gets a preview box (summary) which appears on mouseover or a fingertip and is recognizable in the text through a (W). We use it on our own websites, e.g. dontwastemy.energy (student teams' collaboration projects). 

Copy one line of code is all you have to do to get the feature for your website as well!
It's also easy to integrate into a WordPress site or another CMS.

Try it out!

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Add the following line of code to the bottom of your website, and all Wikipedia links will magically pop up a nice preview box with the article summary, that's all!
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