Projects, press, certs - Three nice new jumps of «The Horse»

City climate & city trees

Under this main topic new projects are underway. Several teams from Kerala (India), Antwerp (Belgium), Zurich (Switzerland) and maybe additionally - in the clarification process - a class from the Basque Country, individual teams from Pakistan, Canada and Dubai are in the preparation phase for doing collaborative projects using «The Horse» concept !

«The Horse» concept gets attention!

We are pleased to present «The Horse» concept in the magazine of the ffu-eep ( and on the website of Movetia (

ffu-pee magazine

«The Horse» Konzept (PDF, page 15, German).
The whole magazine forum, issue 3, 09/2020 (PDF, German & French, 24 pages)

The "ExpertWomen environment ffu-pee" (FachFrauen Umwelt, Professionnelles En Environment) represent the interests of women who are professionally involved in environmental issues.

Movetia website

Cross-cultural environmental education with «The Horse» concept
You can read the article in English, German, French and Italian (

Movetia ( is the National Agency for Exchange and Mobility. It is sponsored by the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Exchanges and Mobility (SFAM,

«The Horse» certificates

It's an idea we had already but time is come to do it. A student from India asked if she could get a certificate for her collaborative project to attach to an application for an university.

So we decided to start creating certificates, depending on the role (e.g. teacher, student, experiences, etc.) and content/media that were created (e.g. video, audio, interview, pictures, calculations, etc.) they shouldwill :) be different/dynamic. These certs can be accessed and linked online.

Newly published contributions by student teams about ...


don't waste my energy - a website project for sustainable learning
Initiated and supported by THE ! association (

Since 2016, young people have been publishing their collaboratively created environmental projects on Meanwhile 128 contributions carry the newly gained knowledge and experiences of the learners all over the world - in the month of March '20 we registered 9'931 visitors from over 140 countries on the website!

The moodle Horse

The Horse concept with Moodle
"The Horse" concept with the "befter" method ( now offers the possibility to use Moodle for collaborative project work between students, teachers and experts!

Standard remains the existing tool, an adapted blog (BlogEngine.NET,, which has proven itself by offering exactly the required basic functions. It is characterized by simplicity, thanks to which some teachers More...