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We are a full-stack development company experienced and active in all aspects of creating and running web applications, including conception, coding, design, implementation and operation of "any" size and in the many related fields and custom needs. 

We can also provide valuable and truly independent advice or help if you are looking for new ideas, need concept proposals or support. We are open to project participation or investors under appropriate circumstances.

Founders of su-pa

Dominik Fehr, CEO of su-pa Zurich
Dominik Fehr, suter & partner

Dominik Fehr, CEO

Co-founder of suter & partner, founder and owner of Curious about present and future possibilities I try to do useful and delightful things by making everyday devices relevant to daily needs. I focuse on simplicity and the core meaning of a product. I'm pragmatic and have a wide range of experience in many areas.

And I'm a fan of our slogan 'because ideas can change reality'!




Eliane Suter, CEO of suter & partner Zurich
Eliane Suter, suter & partner

Eliane Suter

Co-founder of suter & partner, su-pa, owner of the company ubub umweltbildung umweltberatung,, Geographer UZH (, instructor & teacher trainer, president of THE ! association (, Safety engineer CAS ETH, board member of the Risk & Safety association (, Linkedin




Clients, projects and previous work (mouse over to enlarge)

Aerosuisse - Federation of Swiss Aerospace Wastewater treatment plant sensor Check App AWEL - Cantonal Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air CAS in Applied Earth Sciences ETHT Book as website - Berufe der ICT, ICT professions Burning Wheels Tour - Swiss skateboard race series Cheeseandchocolate Cygnum SA Don'w waste my energy! Energy Construction Sustainability - Bicycle Onlineshop Feldenkrais Claudia Borghetti Fratz children's books, b&b in Locarno, Switzerland FTI Touristic GmbH Aerosuisse - Professions of aviation, Berufe der Luftfahrt Office for Geology Overall management of buildings, Gesamtleitung von Bauten Health practice in Uster Website house sale Kreuzlingen Website Maisonette sale huvilab - Human Vision Laboratory Swiss hotel management school Indiana Skateboards Jazz in Vinyl Just Trends Jewelry, Germany Waste incineration Zurich Oberland, Kehrichtverbrennung Zürcher Oberland Communications Law, Kommunikationsrecht Lanyu, the Orchid Island AR experiment, let trees grow PWA, Tool for fire water detention basin volume calculations; App für Löschwasser Rückhaltebeckenvolumen-Berechnungen Quickbox, Minatol today's Wetrok Onlinegutschein Wedding of P & C South African general elections' 2019 Wedding of Petra & Georg Daniel Binder wines Prime Force Group Chess Society Zürich Sicilian Gestures website Sicilian Gestures android app & PWA app Simone Brumen, artist from Zurich City of Zürich Book as website - Heating/Ventilation/Energy School and Sports Department City of Zurich, Schul- und Sportdepartement Stadt Zürich Stamford Consultants Stycle bikes suter & partner experiment Tank farms Teachingweb The Horse Education association VDF The Horse Education association Tramsoft AG Book as website - Energy management; Energie Schweiz - Energy Switzerland Twist 2018 Hackdays UBS Switzerland Fachhochschule Schweiz - University of Applied Sciences Switzerland ubub umweltbildung umweltberatung Risk Security Association Web archive ETHZ Wikipedia Preview box WMP AG Xientra Dentist Munzinger Dental cost calculator Administration Canton Zurich Zurich environmental practice ZUP State Chancellery Canton Zurich Zurich green participatory Züri begrünt partizipativ PWA Züri begrünt web app The fastest Zurich fish

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Topics we know & use for the creation of web apps

We run our own web server, use different providers, have experience as a hoster, are resellers of domains, use cloud services, know various back- & frontend techniques, know & use numerous CMS and we have even developed our own CMS and also an e-shop some years ago, so we are familiar with the background of these systems. We are used to creating concept and design UX and UI up to logo & even SEO.
We are focused on developing PWA using the browsers Web APIs (, HTML5 technics and go the way of offline use, browser based augmented reality with WebXR ( combined with AI, ML and Server/Cloud and DBs, where it makes sense, with the Smartphone first/only approach. There are a lot more aspects to web development!

Being able to create robust and long lasting practice-oriented solutions, we have developed different collaboration projects and having invented some exciting new concepts. We simplify things to their core, minimizing the number of technical dependencies as far as possible - big projects or problems can sometimes shrink to surprisingly small ones! We focus on improving privacy, especially in the internet and information privacy domain.

Company suter & partner

or su-pa for short is a small sized company based in Switzerland, founded in 2013, with a broad but focused knowledge of the internet and, beyond that, the environment. We like expanding our network with professionals from all walks of life. Working with curiosity, passion, conviction and as our motto says: "because ideas can change reality".

If you'd like feedback regarding your idea, or want to create a concept together, pare down to the essentials, we are open to collaborate with you and your innovative ideas - contact us.


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Auswahl an su-pa Projekten
Selection of su-pa projects
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