Some dones & todos in a short overview

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Risk & Safety Association

Concept, design and realization of a clear structured and member optimized responsive website. The main focus has been placed on the past and future events arranged by the organisation board of VR&S.

Feldenkrais Borghetti

An uncommon solution for an uncommon new "Feldenkrais" Company. 
Website, Videos, Business Card and Flyer – Concept, Design & Realization.

Android App Sicilian Gestures

Beta-Status, testing, still some things to do, finishing line, iPhone Version follows
That's how the app looked in a Beta Version (
Technics & Tools: Cordova, HTML5, Vanilla (!) JavaScript

The horse &

A new Concept of education, Technology & Environment. If you are interested see here technical overview (PDF,, The working space "The horse" (video on, the contributions on (video on
Websites: (closed students' group),

Orchid Island, Taiwan

su-pa was 2 month in Taiwan - more...
Still some things to do (SEO, "Lanyu today", some optimizations)
Hosted on an Azure Server in Far East.


Human Vision Laboratory - We helped a young Taiwanese Professor from Taipei Tech to found a company in Switzerland and made a simple website for the new firm, hosted on our Webserver. 

Webarchive of the ETH Zurich

A really new kind of presenting archived websites! 

Idea, Concept, Design and Realization
Technics & Tools: HTML5, Vanilla JavaScript

Specials: Also useful & used for travelogues (


Made the Code and some layout stuff for the new website, Design template, everything self coded, except the responsive navigation (was taken from bootstrap).
Magnolia CMS (Enterprise CMS)
Specials: Responsive Accordion (using it also for our greeting card'16), some Animations (p.e. Logo), configured an extra Windows Server and a separate HTML Site for testing & feedback opportunities.

Quick Box

A su-pa Web API service for doing quick researches on your website through your customers. Invented while doing some "book as a website" projects, includes customizable search providers and some statistics about the usage. Give it a try right now and select some text and see the Quick Box in action. Still Beta, be patient not a patient :o)

Further recent projects (11/19) »

We have a wide and long experience in doing web-stuff.
Dominik's first founded company was/is ( - an archive of 327 billion web pages (!), note: seems to be a busy site, if you get an error/timeout try it again).

Some Tools: Visual Studio 2017/15, Visual Studio Code, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Audacity, Inkscape, Office, lots of Online-Tools, etc.

su-pa uses Microsoft Azure

Self operated Web-Machines: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, IIS 6.x - 8.5, 10 xMailServer, hMailserver
bold: we use that today

Experiences with CMS & Shops: Day CMS CQ5, Drupal, nopCommerce, WordPress, BlogEngine, a self developed CMS and a self developed Shop-System. Databases: Access, MySQL, SQL Compact, SQL Server, Storage in Browsers, etc. Languages: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET, asp, C#, 

We are looking for collaborators, people with enthusiasm and sparks - not barks - of humour - seriously!

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