Let it grow in 2021!

With this in mind, we wish you
sustainable roots for
sprouting abundant forests of ideas

energy and courage to
let them grow collaboratively !

It can look like this:
Let it grow 2021! The green train station

Provided that you've got an Android smartphone with Chrome browser, you can
=> Let it grow! (cooldown.city)
Green your in- or the outside - enjoy our "AR (Augmented Reality) Progressive Greetings Web App:-)

Hints: After pressing the start button, hold the camera at a slight angle and be patient until the device has scanned the ground and a white ring appears. Then tap the screen to place an object. Get close to things or around the houses or move away to discover the whole scene!

=> Alternatively here you can let it snow! (cooldown.city)

Best wishes from the su-pa team !

PS: Events in 2020 have animated us to realize this experimental "capriccio" (whim). It cheered us up and we hope it works for you, too.

Dominik: To realize this we used the WebXR Device API (w3.org) and Three.js (3D library, threejs.org) which allows AR (Augmented Reality) in the web browser on a smartphone and to mix real life (camera) and virtual objects!  
Additionally it's also still a PWA (Progressive web application, wikipedia.org), so you can install it on your device and use it offline. All paintings & photos (except the roof of the house:) are made by su-pa, "Let it snow" is a Three.js example.

We are planning to use these techniques in a various of (funny) ways in future projects.
This is a simple greeting card for fun and the techniques behind are still at an early stage.


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