Never ugly paintings!

drawing tool - no ugly painting is possible

Our drawing tool is available since 2014 – few know it, some love it!

It's almost impossible to paint an unsightly picture with it – every picture succeeds! We have spruced it up a bit. Now you can save your paintings and it works better on mobiles.

You can: paint with your mouse or finger • you can use multiple fingers at the same time • the colors are chosen randomly • close a line in a shape and the area inside will be colored • you can make nice points • you can save your paintwork • all your drawing just happens in your browser so your creations are as private as you are :-)

For a relaxed painting you can't: choose colors • you can't choose shapes • there is no way to choose the thickness of the brush • there is no text tool

Especially if you think you have no talent for drawing or your little child wants to have a little fun or you need a simple drawing tool at the meeting: Try it out and enjoy!