Von zwei unterschiedlichen Schnüfflern - "Un-Sinn" eines Vergleichs

Eigentlich ist ein Vergleich von derart unterschiedlich konzipierten Teilen wie Geruchssinn und Gassensor gar nicht möglich. Und trotzdem – vielleicht ist genau das die Herausforderung: Welches Teil schnüffelt bei welchem Kontext besser? Geruchssinn oder Gassensor? Oder ist bereits die gestellte Frage „un-sinn“?

Kleine Quizfrage: Welches Geräusch bzw. welcher Ton gehört zu welchem Sensor?



Haupteinsatzgebiet der hier gezeigten Sensor-Beispiele ist der Zulauf einer Kläranlage (Abwasserreinigungsanlage oder ARA). Gelangt z.B. aufgrund eines Benzinunfalls die leicht entzündliche Flüssigkeit (Bildung von hochexplosiven Dämpfen, die über der Wasseroberfläche „mitfliessen“) via Kanalisation in den Eingangsbereich einer ARA, besteht höchste Explosionsgefahr. Ein Funke More...

Introduction to Sicilian Gestures

Imagine you’re on a trip in Sicily ...

Your friend, a native Sicilian, invites you for a coffee in a bar. After a while you’re leaving together and your friend seems to be very amused. Why? What has happened during your short coffee break? He explains: „With gestures and glances everyone in the bar wondered who you are, asked where you came from, if we’re related, etc. Moreover, I caught the newest gossip about love affairs, disputes, etc. Whoever is familiar with the nuances of body language understands a situation as being sympathetic or suspect within the blink of an eye.

Why so many gestures in Sicily?

It’s difficult to say exactly when and how Sicilian body language has developed. One reason might be found in Siciliy’s dynamic history and its geographical position in the Mediterranean. During the past More...

su-pa at Open Doors Event - Illusion or reality?

Friday 7th march suter & partner joined the Open Doors Event at the Departement of Geography, University of Zurich. The happening was dedicated of linking students and scientists to pragmatists and  field workers. For years a lot of alumni have been spread in different professional disciplines. A huge source of knowledge and experience might get into motion, i.e. a contact and interaction platform for projects and traineeship.

We were especially attracted by the presentation of Arzu Çöltekin "Perceptual Factors in Geographic Visualization", GIVA team. In the following some impressions:

Hollow face (mask) illusion

Although we are aware of certain mechanisms of the human bodily functions, our perception is biased. There are many examples, one famous phenomena is the hollow face illusion:

Whether we are looking at the front of the mask or the concave reverse side, our brain always processes the shape, so we see a protruding face. Why does this happen? More...

Gestures in Sicily / La Gestualità dei Siciliani

In Sicily gestures are used as an additional language for a long time. Sicilians are able to communicate without words! They're talking with hand signs, sometimes in combination with other parts of their body. Some examples:

"Duci duci!"

Italiano: Al bacio. Dolcissimo!
English: Sweet as a kiss.
Deutsch: Zum Küssen. Einfach süss!
繁中 (Chinese):  甜姐兒 !


Visualizing Algorithms


Shuffle an Array


function shuffle(arrToShuffle) {
    for (
        var j, arrTmp, i = arrToShuffle.length;
        i;        // if i==0 => false => break

        j = Math.floor(Math.random() * i),
arrTmp = arrToShuffle[--i],
           arrToShuffle[i] = arrToShuffle[j],
           arrToShuffle[j] = arrTmp);

        return arrToShuffle;


Death of ipx10975 ...

Exactly 10 years after its birth our webserver has gone.

The last sign came after death:
Monday 31.03.2014 01:34, Automatische Benachrichtigung des IPX-Server Watchdogs.
Ihr Server ipx10975 ist derzeit nicht per Ping erreichbar!

Yep, it's well known: No ping, no existence!
Even for a Webserver.

All the time he has done his job as a Web-, Database- and Mailserver (XMailserver thx! ) very well! Only once he'd lost a little bit of his drive ... one of the disks had left the machine.

And here it is

ipx10975, 03.31.2004 - 03.31.2014
Windows Server 2003 retired, 1€ worth

ipx10975 lived in the datacenter of IPX Server GmbH (now QSC AG) - 10 years of very good service, satisfied!

This machine belonged to pinkytoes.com and grashalm-it, pinkytoes.com now is the partner of suter & partner (also called su-pa).

Now su-pa owns a new Windows Server 2012, again with a mailserver (hMailserver thx! )..