The office horse jumped Far East

su-pa's co-bosses have been working & traveling in Taiwan, China and Tibet. Returned tightly packed with delightful experiences and positive energy, some highlights have been picked out for sharing with you !

office horse
Pic-1: Traces of Tibetan celebrations, Rebgong (རེབ་སྐོང་) 


su-pa presentations (Sway)

Taipei irritations
Taiwan's metropolis, 8 Mio. urban population

Lanyu / Orchid Island
Flying fish in Taiwan's most eastern territory

Made in China
Ever heard of a Chinese dancing formula?

Changing work space
A co-working space sharing experiment




**Chameleon-like changing work space. Do you wonder how it looked like?

Here are some impressions 

**Visiting our friend Rudy at Taipei Tech (, Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. We got some insights into Taiwan's research system and  news about on-going and future projects.
**Dropping in out of the blue at DevDaysAsia 2016 (thanks to Michael!). We met enthusiastic and innovative people longing for technology implementation and smart solutions. What about su-pa's hackathon participation plans?

Pic-2: DevDaysAsia 2016 in Taipei, April 2016
**Experiencing sounds and smells of megacities: Catch a taste of our home made "Taipei irritations"

**Traveling on shore and offshore through awesome landscapes: We fell in love with "Lanyu / Orchid Island"

Lost in translation or whenever help was needed, we were supported by super friendly people on the spot ... many thanks to all our "good fairies" !