New Students' Website Project "W2W"

W2W - The students' website project is growing!

Everything started with the idea of having a website created by students last year. And it worked out fine as you could see in our previous post about don't waste My Energy. Now this year the students' website is going to be widened in the sense of "don't waste My Resources" and "embodied energy".

The life cycles of 24 "things" are going to be discovered as far and as intensely as possible in the given time by 63 students: i.e. finding the roots of its origin (e.g. natural resources, mineral resources, natural/artificial substances, biological/technical cycles) and its end of life (end of pipe) or rebirth (reuse, recycle, etc.).

Brand new is the teams' way of propagation: For the making of and our website promotion we're going to involve social media and experiment with interaction channels as facebook, instagram, twitter & reddit, etc.

That's why we are already pretty excited and looking forward to the team's contributions ...