Alpine Co-Working in Ftan - let's focus

su-pa on the lift

suter & partner has been invited to a week of alpine co-working sponsored by Microsoft and organized by the startup Alpine Co-Working. In this magnificent Engadin mountain landscape we had the great pleasure to meet a lot of other startup founders and BizSpark people.  

Alpine boarding school in  Ftan, Engadin, Switzerland

 Hochalpines Institut Ftan - let's focus and do some snappy tracks:o)

Daily TechTalks and discussions opened the wide sky of Azure services, some of them already applied by su-pa, as well as thrilling new IoT possibilities. IoT or "Internet of Things" connects different types of devices using electronic sensors and the Internet. It offers a wide range of interaction possibilities between humans, environment and technology, i.e. strong tools for transforming ideas into reality!