Neighbourhood Lab City Trees

Collecting trees - knowing trees - protecting trees.  
"City Ideas" is a project competition of the City of Zurich and until 7.11. all people who live, work or spend their free time in Zurich can vote for their 5 favourite city ideas that they would like to see implemented in Zurich.

Public trees are better protected than private ones.
Public trees are recorded in the tree register of the city of Zurich, private ones are not.
This is where our idea comes in!

Urban trees are valuable
They provide shade, ensure sufficient humidity, filter pollutants, produce oxygen and offer habitats for countless animal species. In the city of Zurich there are around 22,000 street trees and over 40,000 trees in the parks; there are as many again on private land. In total, there are around 110,000 city trees. The tree cadastre of the city of Zurich mainly contains trees on public city land, but not those on private land. We would like to collect, identify and locate these trees in a participatory manner within the framework of a joint neighbourhood event.

A tree expert explains the tree species in the neighbourhood, how they can be identified, their effects and their benefits for humans and animals. Now we fan out and collect the trees not recorded in the tree cadastre and suggest possible locations for tree planting. The experience will be rounded off by a sustainable aperitif with tree delicacies. The event is aimed at all generations, such as families, school classes, students, retired people, etc. We will create the possibility to collect information and details about the trees on a map with the help of a smartphone and to see if a tree is already in the tree cadastre of the city of Zurich or not. Subsequently, the collected information and images will be sorted, processed and made publicly accessible (Open Data).

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