Training in Video Production - an Experimental Project

Participating a training in video production I gathered knowledge and experience from professionals in research, interviewing techniques, camera work, sound, cutting & more. The course was given by the Swiss documentary filmmaker Gitta Gsell (Melody Of Noise). An additional challenge consisted of producing & performing my own video project. I made a self portrait of my first gig as a slammer.

How to become a slammer in 5 minutes (Swiss dialect)

About my video project & self portrait

Retrospectively I must admit that my project has been an ambitious one - or should I even say "a crazy one". Producing & performing my self portrait as a "virgin slammer" I experienced shooting in very difficult light and sound conditions - and  there was no second chance! So I chose to focus on spontaneous moments and not on technical perfection. I became aware that cutting is a real hard art, i.e. the tiniest change influences the entire masterpiece.
Finally and thanks to my co-filmmaker Dominik - I did it!
... and we are keen on implementing our video making skills for further projects.