The Horse concept: video testimonials, ongoing projects

Video interviews with teacher Ann, Mary, Praveena, students Lars and Dharany about the cross border projects and how The Horse concept works.Interviews ( via Skype with the teachers AnnMaryPraveena from Belgium and India and the student Lars and Dharany from Switzerland about their experiences with their current "food & climate" projects and how "The Horse" concept works for them. Further information on the projects can also be found on our association's website (

"The Horse" concept: Collaborative projects across continents with more than a hundred students are underway! The topic is "food and climate", the finished projects will be published on - the students project website that counted the wonderful number of 8602 visitors and 24.439 page visits last month! Read more about the current projects (

The Horse concept at the didactaDIGITAL Swiss

As board members of THE ! association (The Horse Education, we were invited to present The Horse concept at the didactaDIGITAL ( in Basel! On November 28th, 29th and 30th we conducted a one-hour workshop in German about "The Horse: Digitaler Lernort zur grenzübergreifenden Bildung" (