Death of ipx10975 ...

Exactly 10 years after its birth our webserver has gone.

The last sign came after death:
Monday 31.03.2014 01:34, Automatische Benachrichtigung des IPX-Server Watchdogs.
Ihr Server ipx10975 ist derzeit nicht per Ping erreichbar!

Yep, it's well known: No ping, no existence!
Even for a Webserver.

All the time he has done his job as a Web-, Database- and Mailserver (XMailserver thx! ) very well! Only once he'd lost a little bit of his drive ... one of the disks had left the machine.

And here it is

ipx10975, 03.31.2004 - 03.31.2014
Windows Server 2003 retired, 1€ worth

ipx10975 lived in the datacenter of IPX Server GmbH (now QSC AG) - 10 years of very good service, satisfied!

This machine belonged to and grashalm-it, now is the partner of suter & partner (also called su-pa).

Now su-pa owns a new Windows Server 2012, again with a mailserver (hMailserver thx! )..