Let it grow in 2021!

Note beside: "Let it grow" works again (02/14), after some ... #:-(02/09) ...

 With this in mind, we wish you 
 sustainable roots for 
 sprouting abundant forests of ideas 

 energy and courage to 
 let them grow collaboratively

It can look like this:
Let it grow 2021! The green train station

Provided that you've got an Android smartphone with Chrome browser, you can
=> Let it grow! (cooldown.city)
Green your in- or the outside - enjoy our "AR (Augmented Reality) Progressive Greetings Web App:-)

Hints: After pressing the start button, hold the camera at a slight angle and be patient until the device has scanned the ground and a white ring appears. Then tap the screen to place an object. Get close to things or around the houses or move away to discover the whole scene!

=> Alternatively here you can let it snow! (cooldown.city)

 Best wishes from the su-pa team

PS: Events in 2020 have animated us to realize this experimental "capriccio" (whim). It cheered us up and we hope it works for you, too.

Dominik: To realize this we used the WebXR Device API (w3.org) and Three.js (3D library, threejs.org) which allows AR (Augmented Reality) in the web browser on a smartphone and to mix real life (camera) and virtual objects!  
Additionally it's also still a PWA (Progressive web application, wikipedia.org), so you can install it on your device and use it offline. All paintings & photos (except the roof of the house:) are made by su-pa, "Let it snow" is a Three.js example.

We are planning to use these techniques in a various of (funny) ways in future projects.
This is a simple greeting card for fun and the techniques behind are still at an early stage.


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Green up Zurich – Züri begrünt, second focus group

Züri  greening  participatory – on Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 14:00-16:00, we will organize the second focus group via video conference (zoom, held in German). You are cordially invited to participate! Contact us at zuericooldown@su-pa.net


Green up Zurich – Züri begrünt
Participatory Academy of Science, UZH | ETHZ: Project description (pwa.uzh.ch)
Project page: zuericooldown.ch

Newly published contributions by student teams about ...


don't waste my energy - a website project for sustainable learning
Initiated and supported by THE ! association (the-horse.education)

Since 2016, young people have been publishing their collaboratively created environmental projects on dontwastemy.energy. Meanwhile 128 contributions carry the newly gained knowledge and experiences of the learners all over the world - in the month of March '20 we registered 9'931 visitors from over 140 countries on the website!

LWR tool released

Tool for calculation of the extinguishing water retention volume of warehousesThe first version (beta) of the LWR tool (lwrtool.ch) is released.

We transformed a leaflet (Löschwasser-Rückhaltung, PDF, awel.zh.ch) into a web app conceptualized as a Progressive Web App (PWA). It is a supracantonal tool used for the calculation of the extinguishing water retention volume of warehouses.

The LWR tool (lwrtool.ch) is intentionally reduced to the essential, intuitive and can be used across devices. At the same time it is educational and informative - if required, calculation bases, tables, additional information or tools can be accessed directly.

Install it as an app on your device; use it offline; check necessity of fire water retention; calculate the required fire More...