New su-pa server, "The horses", "Quick Boxes" and other stuff

supa has a brand new web server, a Windows Server 2016 with IIS 10 which is currently (one of) the most robust server, both in security and performance issues available.

  • The server runs as a VM (Virtual Machine) on Microsoft Azure
  • About 20 web apps are running on the web server, inclusive, the students' project website (WordPress).
  • "The horses" (the working and interaction environment for students and teachers, more infos on are not on the new web server but all previous "horses" More...

"The horse" concept presented

We had the honor to present the concept of "The horse" at two conferences.

Eliane Suter delivered speeches.

The first event was the "bili-Erfa-Tagung 2018: digital und analog", a cantonal meeting at the Zurich University of teacher education (PHZH) and the 2nd took place at the national wide event "Forum de la maturité professionnelle 2018" in Martigny (VS) organized by IFFP (Institute fédéral des hautes études en formation professionnelle).

In the context of the events we created the mini website containing the main info material of the concept "The horse".


Swirls - more than best wishes from su-pa for 2018

How to Swirl ?

Go to, move the things around with your mouse or fingers and see what happens!

Admittedly started as a little "Happy-new-year-experiment" for you & us: "Wet, breezy, fiery, down-to-earth - the elements can be elegantly moved quite as how one might wish in everyday life." Swirls is more for us, it's a kind of concept that we like to play with and hope to find the time and people to pursue.
Please check it out: !




Visualizing Algorithms

Shuffle an Array–Yates_shuffle

function shuffle(arrToShuffle) {
    for (
        var j, arrTmp, i = arrToShuffle.length;
        i;        // if i==0 => false => break

        j = Math.floor(Math.random() * i),
arrTmp = arrToShuffle[--i],
           arrToShuffle[i] = arrToShuffle[j],
           arrToShuffle[j] = arrTmp);

        return arrToShuffle;


Death of ipx10975 ...

Exactly 10 years after its birth our webserver has gone.

The last sign came after death:
Monday 31.03.2014 01:34, Automatische Benachrichtigung des IPX-Server Watchdogs.
Ihr Server ipx10975 ist derzeit nicht per Ping erreichbar!

Yep, it's well known: No ping, no existence!
Even for a Webserver.

All the time he has done his job as a Web-, Database- and Mailserver (XMailserver thx! ) very well! Only once he'd lost a little bit of his drive ... one of the disks had left the machine.

And here it is

ipx10975, 03.31.2004 - 03.31.2014
Windows Server 2003 retired, 1€ worth

ipx10975 lived in the datacenter of IPX Server GmbH (now QSC AG) - 10 years of very good service, satisfied!

This machine belonged to and grashalm-it, now is the partner of suter & partner (also called su-pa).

Now su-pa owns a new Windows Server 2012, again with a mailserver (hMailserver thx! )..