Green up Zurich - Züri begrünt

Green up Zurich

The first steps towards a "Züri begrünt" web app are being taken using a participatory approach!
Among others, the following questions are in focus:
How can incentives be created to motivate city dwellers to participate and proactively promote the greening of their living and working space?
Which needs are in the foreground?

How can a "Züri begrünt" web app be set up or function so that the feasibility of greening projects is high? How can users be supported on the way to implementation?

The Participatory Science Academy of the UZH and ETHZ enables the preliminary project "Züri begrünt" (green up Zurich) with a seed grant.
A first focus group will be organised in May 2020.

Citizen Science Zürich UZH | ETHZ: Züri begrünt (, project description)
Project page: