Training in Video Production - an Experimental Project

Participating a training in video production I gathered knowledge and experience from professionals in research, interviewing techniques, camera work, sound, cutting & more. The course was given by the Swiss documentary filmmaker Gitta Gsell. An additional challenge consisted of producing & performing my own video project. I made a self portrait of my first gig as a slammer.

>How to become a slammer in 5 minutes (Swiss dialect)

About my video project & self portrait

The office horse jumped Far East

su-pa's co-bosses have been working & traveling in Taiwan, China and Tibet. Returned tightly packed with delightful experiences and positive energy, some highlights have been picked out for sharing with you !

office horse
Pic-1: Traces of Tibetan celebrations, Rebgong (རེབ་སྐོང་) 


su-pa presentations

*Taipei irritations
Taiwan's metropolis, 8 Mio. urban population

*Lanyu / Orchid Island
Flying fish in Taiwan's most eastern territory

*Made in China
Ever heard of a Chinese dancing formula?

*Changing work space
A co-working space sharing experiment