More safety less risks for the Risk and Safety Association

Verein RisikosicherheitLaunch of the brand new website for the VR&S - Verein Risiko & Sicherheit.

Concept, design and realization of a clear structured and member optimized responsive website containing a closed user section and a personal account for each member. The main focus has been placed on the past and future events arranged by the organisation board of the Risk & Safety Association.


Since 1997 - VR&S has been founded by graduates and lecturers of the postgraduate course "Risk and safety of complex systems" at ETH Zurich, University of St. Gallen and EPFL Lausanne.


2018 - last but not least - best wishes from su-pa

Grüezi! Howdy!

How to: Go to, move the things around with your mouse or fingers and check it out!

How to: Gehe auf, schiebe die Icons herum mit der Maus oder den Fingern und entdecke was passiert!

Das neue Jahr haben wir mit einem kleinen Experiment begonnen - nass, luftig, feurig, bodenständig - Elemente lassen sich elegant verschieben, ganz so wie man sich's im Alltag wünscht.
We have started the new year with a little experiment - wet, breezy, fiery, down-to-earth - elements can be elegantly moved quite as how one might wish in everyday life.
Probier's mal hier, check it out: !
Best wishes, Viele Grüsse
Eliane Suter, Dominik Fehr