2018 - last but not least - best wishes from su-pa

Grüezi! Howdy!

Das neue Jahr haben wir mit einem kleinen Experiment begonnen - nass, luftig, feurig, bodenständig - Elemente lassen sich elegant verschieben, ganz so wie man sich's im Alltag wünscht.
We have started the new year with a little experiment - wet, breezy, fiery, down-to-earth - elements can be elegantly moved quite as how one might wish in everyday life.
Probier's mal hier, check it out:
www.swirls.fun !
Best wishes, Viele Grüsse
Eliane Suter, Dominik Fehr


From where 2 where? - Discover the life cycle of every day things!

After "Don't waste my energy" last year the new website "Don't waste my resources!" is completed.
The website contributions have been created by students within the new (bilingual) teaching subject "Technik & Umwelt".

Some contributions/eine Auswahl an Beiträgen:

Website: www.save-energy.tips