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suter & partner or su-pa

Eliane Suter (Project leader, Geographer, teacher trainer & teacher, Safety Engineer, and Dominik Fehr (web developer, web publisher, digital artist, design thinker) are the founder of the company.

As a team of indies and sometimes digital nomads, su-pa's goal is to create delightful experiences for people using technology from to-daymorrow :)

Our intention is inventing, realizing and testing smart methods of human/technology interfaces, e.g. enhancing social interactions or experiencing scenarios.

As experts in applying cloud infrastructure with its incredible expanding possibilities, we are combining daily devices with human needs. Being a Microsoft partner we're especially using Azure and Open Source stuff.

Bridging between fundamental and applied work
Our activities span: everyday life, technological devices, cutting-edge technology, useful linkage, imagination, augmented reality, simplexity, visualization, combining and bridging perspectives, crowd, big data, free to do what we believe in, kaleidoscope of ideas, statistics, virtual reality, open source, lab and web experiments and more.

su-pa is a small company from Switzerland founded in 2013. We believe in ideas that can change realities in a good manner and we look forward to prosperous collaborations.
Let's dance (video of nightly dancing in Chongqing, China :)

supa is also a domain reseller: Choose your domain out of more than 400 endings including .com, .ch, .de, .cool, .tips, .land, etc.

Our clients are: associations, public authorities, universities, schools, SME's, private persons and our ideas !

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