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After "Don't waste my energy" last year the new website "Don't waste my resources!" is completed.
The website contributions have been created by students within the new (bilingual) teaching subject "Technik & Umwelt".

Some contributions/eine Auswahl an Beiträgen:


The office horse jumped Far East

su-pa's co-bosses have been working & traveling in Taiwan, China and Tibet. Returned tightly packed with delightful experiences and positive energy, some highlights have been picked out for sharing with you !

office horse
Pic-1: Traces of Tibetan celebrations, Rebgong (རེབ་སྐོང་) 


su-pa presentations

*Taipei irritations
Taiwan's metropolis, 8 Mio. urban population

*Lanyu / Orchid Island
Flying fish in Taiwan's most eastern territory

*Made in China
Ever heard of a Chinese dancing formula?

*Changing work space
A co-working space sharing experiment